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Our Floor Screed Plants

Kendall Ready Mixed Sand & Cement Floor Screed is produced from precisely weighed batched cement and washed marine sand, all of which comply to the relevant British Standards and our internal Quality Assurance requirements. Ready-to-use floor screeds are more efficient for the contractor, offer a more consistent product and are less susceptible to cracking than site mixed materials. All floor screeds are delivered in tippers, or alternatively contractors can arrange to collect material from our plants using their own vehicles.

Our floor screed is a 4-1 sand & cement combination with a 6 to 8 hour retarder, subject to ambient temperatures, to produce a high-performance characteristic screed suitable for all conventional topping applications, including bonded, unbonded or monolithic construction.

Floor screeds should be cured with a plastic cover, or similar method in accordance with standard site practice. The screed should also be protected from wind, rain and excessively low or high temperatures.

Surface preparation for the screed should be the same as for any concrete overlayment. All surfaces should be free from grease, oil or dust and be primed with a cement/water wash, or with a proprietary bonding agent.