Environmental Policy

The Kendall Group recognises that its day-to-day operations have both a positive and negative impact on the environment. We are committed to minimising the harmful effects of our activities and have published our environmental policy.

Kendall Group environmental policy Click here for our environmental policy PDF

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New ready mixed concrete and floor screed plant in AltonNew Kendall Ready Mixed Concrete Plant Open in Newbury

In 2011 The Kendall Group opened a new ready mixed concrete plant at Grundon's Kennetholme Quarry at Colthrop, Thatcham near Newbury.

►BSI Accredited supplier of Quality Assured Concrete
►6 and 8 m3 trucks available from our large fleet
►Full collection facilities available for concrete and floor screed
►Ready to use Fibre-Screed available delivered to site

KRM Concrete Newbury Click here for a PDF with further details.

For more information about Kendall Ready Mixed Concrete at Newbury please contact Andy Luxton on 07903 348660.

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From A to B with A&B Homes

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A&B Homes new development at Golden Hill, near Romsey in Hampshire, is now out of the ground thanks to a 403 m³ continuous concrete pour.

The project involves the construction of a very high specification country house with ornamental lake and summer house.
The house itself offers in excess of 20,000 sq feet of living space with a large indoor swimming pool together with a nuclear shelter and Panic Room. The development is set in 8 acres of grounds and has complete privacy.

The concrete was pumped by South Coast concrete pumping using  a 52 metre Putzmeister boom pump. Deliveries were principally from our Romsey plant backed up by our Portsmouth plant. The first truck arrived on site at 8.00am and the pour was completed by 5.00pm averaging 45 m³ per hour. Portsmouth produced 120 m³ using a fleet of four 8 m³ trucks whilst 283 m³ came from Romsey on five 6 m³ trucks.

With well organised aggregate and cement deliveries and a well thought-out delivery schedule the pour was completed very successfully with a continuous supply of concrete on site.

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Digging Deep

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With space at a premium and building land prices at an all-time high it's little surprise that developers are looking to enhance the size of a property without increasing the overall footprint of the building. Planning restrictions on the height of buildings in relation to those around them and the penal cost in stamp duty have made many people review their options.

The construction of basements is not new as it is a step forward from the traditional cellar found in many older homes. However, the methods employed to make them dry and usable has moved forward considerably with the introduction of several new systems, one of which is the use of waterproof concrete. There are three main companies supplying chemical admixtures for this purpose – Caltite, Xypex and Sika.

Kendall Ready Mixed Concrete have supplied each system and have found them all easy to work with. As space and cost become evermore important the use of waterproof concrete will increase dramatically.

MTD Formwork Ltd of Woking are basement specialists who regularly work with the Caltite system, which is the acknowledged market leader in the UK. A recent project involved the creation of a basement for a new-build property on a site known as Cole House near Brighton. A concrete blinding was laid prior to MTD arriving on site. They then erected shuttering to form the walls and floor of the basement. The Caltite materials are supplied direct to our concrete plant at Shoreham by Sea (5 miles from the project site) and are added to the concrete at the point of batching by a Caltite technical representative. The concrete mix design requires a minimum cement content of 350kg/m³ and a water cement ratio of 0.45.
A series of four pours completed the project with all concrete placed using a concrete skip-loader.

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